Trust Colonial Solutions to Provide
Products for:

Design Optimization

Colonial Solutions (CS) will help you, your design professionals, and the project engineer achieve the most efficient design for your application, balancing first cost with system maintenance, safety and reliability. Whether your business is mission critical, water-water, hospital, or any of our other focused sectors, we’ll help you build the system that works best for you.

Equipment Solutions

We realize your electrical infrastructure is there to support your business, it isn’t the core of your business. We listen carefully to your needs, and help your project engineer select the most appropriate equipment for your operation. From panelboards, to substations, general supplies or control panels.

Project Support

Your projects have many challenges, ranging from budget to time, customer service, and cost of ownership. We help you to navigate every phase, from the first design meeting with the project engineer until commissioning and close-out.

Complete Project Management

At CS, we don’t react to the factory schedule, we drive it. Every project begins with a formal kick-off, which outlines critical milestones, then our PMs provide constant updates with our on-line, transparent web based project management tool, JobTrack, that is unmatched in the industry. You will always know where you are, and will avoid any costly surprises which increase risk to your project.

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